Reservation is a process that your company should rely on.

It is often the beginning and the first point of contact with the guest until they actually come into your company. So you want this first impression to be good, that creates confidence. This makes it often difficult for entrepreneurs to let go of the control. But by letting go of control and (completely) relying on a well-built reservation system, you, as an entrepreneur, give you the control. In this article we explain the advantages for you as an entrepreneur when using Nostium.

1. The system always thinks along with you

“How nice that someone is thinking along! That saves me work again. “Do you ever hear yourself say it to one of your colleagues? With Nostium you have a colleague who thinks along with you, without you asking for it. The system is built in such a way that the possibilities are immediately checked at every stage in the process. And of course without your guest noticing anything during their reservation. This way we prevent the system from offering an option that is not available or is already occupied.

To give an example; imagine you go bowling with a group of friends. But this group of friends is too big for a single job. Then of course you want a job that is not far apart. The system immediately thinks about this when booking.

2. Reservations can be made from any device and at any time

It may be a standard nowadays, but we think it is rather a necessity (!). We already mentioned it in our previous article; more and more reservations are made via a mobile device. With names among millennials and that is one of the most important target groups for everyone in the leisure industry. Millennials are no longer into calling for reservations. They want to be able to place a reservation immediately at any time. Luckily, Nostium is built in such a way that it doesn’t matter which device it opens on, it works instantly. And for the guests who still want to make a reservation by phone, that’s possible. You can always accept the reservation and process it directly in the system.

3. You get a lot more in return

The time you already save with Nostium when accepting and processing reservations can be put back into business. Nostium collects data for every reservation that is made and activity that has taken place. This data can of course be requested for you as an entrepreneur in various handy formats. In addition, Nostium will provide you with real-time insight into the data by means of widgets. This saves you the “boring” but sometimes necessary administrative work. Within a few clicks you will have the desired data on your screen within a desired period.

We give another example; For example, the system keeps track of the wear and tear of a unit (eg bowling alley) within an activity. This is recorded for each unit and the system determines an even distribution within the units. The system again thinks along and ensures that no unit is skipped when making a reservation. Unless of course you want to 😉 you have that freedom.

4. You can easily use the power of social media

Just having a site is no longer enough these days. You have to ensure that your audience can find you and they are mostly on social media. With Nostium we take this into account without costing you anything besides some time. You can easily share any activity or reservation that you want to offer separately via Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter or, for example, via WhatsApp. By sharing an activity or package, you can easily give extra promotion here. So when a guest wants to take up this promotion, they go directly to the reservation module for this activity. Because your social messages can be easily shared, you get a larger reach, which will result in more reservations.

We have tried to show you some advantages in a short article why Nostium will certainly help you in your business process. We want you as an entrepreneur to really do business and support you as much as possible with the data that Nostium collects for you. This is pure time savings for you as an entrepreneur! Are you still not completely convinced of the benefits and possibilities for you and your company? Then let us personally explain Nostium and show the many advantages.

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23 August 2019 by Nostium Nostium

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