More reservations via mobile

With Nostium you have a free choice to offer individual activities or complete packages.

Nowadays you receive more bookings via the smartphone than via a computer.

It may sound like ‘silly season news’ but it really is… When people are together and agree to book an activity, the first thing to do is to pick up the phone and find out where they can go karting, laser gaming, bowling or book another fun activity.

As an entrepreneur, you naturally want them to be able to book this with you quickly and easily.

Respond to this by making your reservation system transparent and accessible. With Nostium we can optimize the entire reservation process and completely relieve you of the work involved.

As an entrepreneur you can spend more time in what you want to do; undertake! We do this in particular by having the reservation system look fully at, among other things, current availability, a proportional distribution of units within the space, making it easy to put together packages and giving you much more insight into the dates of a reservation by means of of clear reports.

And of course it is also ideal for your guests; via mobile

(and also simply via the computer) they have placed a reservation within seconds. Without disappointments afterwards! When booking, the system only shows the available moments. This way they can also enjoy the anticipation!

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15 August 2019 by Nostium Nostium

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