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With their ‘Magic Bites menu’ they offer guests various rounds of starters, main courses and desserts. They have an ‘Early Bird’ variant, do you eat early and finish early? Then you get a discount. This way Merlijn can offer a table more often and allow more guests to enjoy their fairytale concept.

While they still used various old agendas to keep everything running smoothly, it was a must for the operators to now be able to switch to a digital reservation system. But then the system must not only be able to offer the table more often, but also understand that a perfect flow must be created.

The technical issue was to have a maximum number of tables reserved at a set time. The guest had to be free to book a package where they first went bowling and then had dinner or the other way around. As long as the restaurant and its passage could really only be made possible on certain days and times.

This was something that was not standard in our software, but as mentioned we like to take on technical challenges to go further than others. After all, it is not without reason that we call our product a smart reservation system. Together with our development guys, we further thought out the customer’s issue from a technical perspective. The idea soon came up to work with ‘time slot’ distribution.

For this purpose, we have added an extension to all activities and packages where you can indicate how many units (tables or bowling alleys) can be filled at specific times. So this goes one step further than the options we already had based on condemning and accepting various types of reservations. After releasing the first concept, we went even further for the customer to make it even easier and more user-friendly to set up.

So are you ever near Oosterhout and looking for a magical outing? Then be sure to reserve your spot at Merlijn and go interactive bowling and enjoy delicious food! In any case, we see the reservations pouring in!

Are you an entrepreneur and do you have a technical challenge for our reservation system? Please contact us! We would like to take on the challenge with you to also support your company in accepting and correctly processing all your different reservations.

4 October 2021 by Nostium Nostium

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