For many companies, it is always quiet for your company after the busy month of December. Of course nice to relax for a while, but financially a lot less for you as an entrepreneur. How can you still receive guests in these months and keep your activities (well) filled?

Spread across multiple revenue models

In our previous article we have actually already mentioned one of the most important points; combining multiple activities into an arrangement. For example, you have several revenue models within your company that can strengthen each other.

Who is not sensitive to discount!

In these quiet months, your guests want to do something fun. But we remain Dutch and keep our hands a little more tight after the more expensive months. As an entrepreneur you can easily respond to this by giving discounts on your activities.

This way you lower the threshold for your guests to do something in this quiet period. And once your guests have arrived, you may be able to boost sales by, for example, tempting them with a special drink and / or snack at a nice price.

Take a critical look at your own company

It is also important to take a critical look at the efficiency within your company. In the quiet period, for example, staff planning is a good example. Take a look back at previous comparable periods in relation to the activities. How many employees do you actually need for a good balance between workload and staffing? Pay attention! Of course this should never detract from your guest’s experience.

Do something with feedback from the past year

As an entrepreneur you naturally want to respond to the market and your guests. What better way to do this than to look back at last year? You will certainly have received feedback from your guests about the activities on offer. Take a good look at what your guests really liked and perhaps more importantly what not. By taking a critical look at this, you may be able to make adjustments within the activity.

To be able to estimate the above even better, use the data that you have collected with your reservation system. If you do not have these within your company, it is smart to perhaps sit down with us. With Nostium you collect important data for your company all year round. Without your effort (!)

With the help of widgets and reports we provide more insight into your company. This way you easily know which activities or packages are very popular within your company. But you also know which times are popular among your guests to book an activity. With all the available data, you as an entrepreneur will gain more insight into your company with which you can manage even better efficiency and turnover! Even in the “quiet” period!

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2 January 2020 by Nostium Nostium

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