Development Nostium & Reservations in corona time

At the moment we are all still stuck in the corona era. Now it seems that the first small steps are being taken because the youth may again partly exercise and go to. This may be a different kind of blog than we normally write, but it reflects nicely on the “power” and “beautiful” things that have happened.

Development Nostium

In the past period, our reservation system has received many new functionalities and improvements in a short period of time. We ourselves have (fortunately and thankfully) not yet been affected by the virus within our staff. This means that we have everyone available to fully focus on the development of our customers’ wishes. As a result, we have already come up with a new update for Nostium 5 (!) Times since the beginning of March.

What does that look like in numbers?

  • 29 new functionalities added
  • Made 10 improvements to current functionalities
  • 4 times faster with processing data so that reservations can be accepted even faster.
  • Developed 3 new modules.
  • 55 new articles in our online knowledge base

Nostium Light

There is also the arrival of Nostium Light. This version of Nostium is aimed at making appointments. We see Nostium Light as a great intervention for care homes, for example, where making an appointment with a resident can be done in a safe and responsible manner.

By requesting an appointment online or by scheduling it at an available time, the guidelines set by RIVM can be met, especially for this very vulnerable target group. Organizations can use Nostium Light to fully set how much time should be between appointments, which moments should be made available.

If you would like to know more about Nostium Light, please let us know.

Online communication & demonstrations

In addition, we are very pleased that our customers are concentrating on a period after corona. We see a strong growth in requests for online demonstrations and we speak to various enthusiastic people with great ideas. Because of this request for online demonstrations, we have also overhauled our own website and it has been expanded with a simple request form.

Calling visitors and guests!

Due to the measures, we are of course seeing all reservations decline. This is understandable, of course, but on the other hand also worrying. So we also want to throw out an extra call, in addition to the one we had already made at the beginning of March via our social, not to cancel your reservations as a visitor or guest, but to look at the possibility to move them to another time. . In these bizarre times, this gives an entrepreneur a bit of hope for the future.

Within our online reservation system, we give entrepreneurs the opportunity to issue and process vouchers. So that they can also offer their customers the possibility to make a reservation at a later time.


How it should be when we can all open again and can go bowling, mini golf, laser gaming or do virtual reality activities again, is of course the question.

In any case, we have seen that there are enough entrepreneurs who want to! We now see enough entrepreneurs who are already dealing creatively with actions and the delivery of food. But there are of course also entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas for the “1.5 meter society and the leisure industry”. Perhaps it is an idea to share these with each other. This way we return to the “old” more quickly.

We at Nostium do everything we can to contribute to this with our reservation system and the development of new functionalities with partners. Would you like to have a digital chat with us? Then contact us.

We are happy to help you!

1 May 2020 by Nostium Nostium

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