Despite the fact that a large part of the market, in which our customers are located, can only offer limited activities. We have not been sitting still together with our customers. Our reservation system is expanding every day in its possibilities by listening to the feedback of the entrepreneur. These entrepreneurs offer a diverse range of activities. This way you can easily book a game activity with our reservation system such as; bowling, laser tag, padel, canoe rental, indoor soccer or escape room. But also, for example, renting a room for a meeting or to organize an event. Due to the rise of ‘to-go’ it is also possible to eat & or drink ‘at home’, but also offer these options to your guests for take away or delivery.

All these options and the associated wishes are developed and discussed with our end users. In our renewed Client Center they are given the opportunity to contribute their own ideas. This has resulted (at the time of writing) in 16 new versions of our software in this year alone! With a lot of new innovative developments, we are not only changing the way a reservation can be accepted, but also a seamless connection with your company policy and the possibilities you want to offer.

So are you a company that wants to do business and is looking for a partner who can handle the reservations according to your wishes? But not pay a commission for every single reservation? Then make an appointment with one of our account managers. They will be happy to discuss all options with you. So feel free to give us a call on phone number040 – 8200194, contact us chat on our website, send us a Whatsapp on06 – 51273137 or send us an email

3 August 2021 by Nostium Nostium

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