In this article we highlight our focus on four crucial pillars: stabilization, speed, safety and maintenance. This is an essential phase in our further development of the Nostium portal for now and in the future.


Our team is working tirelessly to stabilize the Nostium environment. This includes refining our infrastructure to deliver consistently high performance. By stabilizing the platform, we ensure a reliable and efficient experience for all our users.

Speed optimization

Keeping the platform fast is always a point, because we keep this in mind when developing new functionalities. A crucial part of the experience is the loading times of our platform. By further focusing on speed improvements, we want to ensure that loading times can be shortened and responsiveness improved. Our optimization efforts include refining code, upgrading servers, and implementing advanced caching techniques.

Safety of Nostium

A crucial aspect of our efforts to improve Nostium is increasing security. This includes updating the technology behind the scenes to the latest standards.

This update is similar to upgrading an old security system in your home to a more modern and efficient system. It not only provides better protection against potential threats, but also ensures a smoother and more reliable experience for our users. By moving away from outdated technologies and towards newer, more robust versions, we ensure that Nostium remains safe and reliable for everyone.

Data security and GDPR compliance

We are committed to protecting our users’ personal data and complying with GDPR laws. This means continuously evaluating and improving our security protocols, strengthening our data security and guaranteeing transparency in our data processing.

Maintenance and upgrades

Regular maintenance is essential to keep our platform functioning smoothly. We will make essential updates and improvements to improve Nostium’s overall performance. This includes updating software, fixing bugs, and improving the user interface.

This period of stabilization, speed, safety and maintenance is an exciting time for Nostium. We are determined to not only make our platform future-proof, but also to take it a step further in ease of use and reliability.

7 March 2024 by Nostium Nostium

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