Benefits of an SLA

  • Telephone helpdesk on weekends & outside office hours via telephone number 003140 – 8200194 in case of (blocking) malfunctions between 09:00 AM – 22:00 PM.
  • Preferred treatment when registering a ticket in our Client Center.

Conditions for receiving support

  • With regard to a software malfunction, the following software support service applies. An employee will investigate the software problem as soon as possible after contacting the telephone helpdesk.
  • Software problems include direct (blocking) functions that ensure that a reservation cannot be completed. Matters such as incorrect settings or questions about the system are not covered by software problems, you can always approach the ‘Client Center’ for this.
  • Matters such as hardware and / or internet problems are beyond the responsibility of Nostium B.V. no support can therefore be provided on this.
  • A response time of 15 minutes is used for telephone support. If an employee is not able to answer immediately, we request to leave a message with name and telephone number. An employee will call you back as soon as possible.

Rates without subscription

Business days
We charge the following rates on working days from Monday to Friday (excluding nationally recognized holidays) between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM; When your malfunction or question is handled by telephone, we will charge you an amount of € 21.25 in blocks of 15 minutes.

Outside office hours, on weekends or holidays
If you want help by telephone outside office hours, during the weekend or on public holidays, this is possible if you do not have an SLA. When your problem or question is dealt with by telephone, we will charge you an amount of € 42.50 in blocks of 15 minutes. Requests via e-mail will not be responded to at these times and therefore fall under the standard working days.

Contact details in case of malfunctions

The above prices are exclusive of VAT and based on a location where the service level agreement has been concluded.

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