Reserve online? Let guests pay online and prevent no-shows

As an entrepreneur you want to focus on what you are good at. Calling after no-shows or entering payments twice is not part of this. That is why we offer the possibility, adjustable, to pay the guest part or the full amount of his reservation when making a reservation.

We also don’t want a lot of administrative hassle, which is why we chose to work with Mollie. Mollie is one of the largest payment service providers in the Netherlands. They offer a wide range of payment methods, from the well-known iDeal to credit card payments and other foreign providers.

With Mollie we offer the possibility to process online payments directly. The payments, of course, go directly to your own account / account, and apart from the transaction costs of Mollie, we at Nostium do not charge anything extra for this. So no surcharge per transaction, no costs per cover.

Why do we choose Mollie?

  1. All known online payment methods
  2. Use all known payment methods
  3. Multiple banks. Increased conversion through collaboration with multiple banks.

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