In our previous article we already mentioned it at point 8; respond to the market with special packages. But why is that so important? In this article we will tell you why just one activity no longer meets your guest’s wishes. The guest wants more!

A large majority of all activity centers have access to a catering facility themselves. It is the unique opportunity for you, as an entrepreneur, to generate more turnover by combining the options for an arrangement. Some popular arrangements are currently (in no particular order);

Popular packages

1. Activity (s) + all-in food & drink
2. Activity (s) + High Wine / Beer
3. Activity (s) + Stone grilling
4. Activity (s) + snacks of your choice
5. Activity (s) + Tapas
6. Activity (s) + Movie

By offering packages you offer the guest the opportunity to really make it a complete outing. You sell them an experience, and that’s what matters! This is of course easy to arrange if you have the options available for this!

Work together with a fellow entrepreneur?

You can also make a suitable arrangement with a fellow entrepreneur. Consider, for example, collaborating with a cinema, theater or restaurant that is nearby. By offering your guests a combination deal in this way, all entrepreneurs benefit from it.

Do you want to know how you can easily offer this online in a reservation system? Nostium offers you all these possibilities (and more) in a simple and user-friendly way for you (and possibly your fellow entrepreneur) and certainly for the guest! This way you can offer the best packages.

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1 February 2020 by Nostium Nostium

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