This pas year, 2020

 Just before the 1st lock-down, we released a new major update to our reservation system on 2 March. After talking to various companies within the leisure industry, the measures will take effect in the same month. As a result, the coronavirus makes its way through the Netherlands. Then it all didn’t look like what it is now. But you could see that some fellow entrepreneurs were more cautious and wanted to “wait and see”. 

Nevertheless, there have been various entrepreneurs who also saw opportunities to switch right now. The implementations have been completed with the welcome of this new group of entrepreneurs. Because we were already working with our system daily, while maintaining the rules, we received requests for further growth opportunities and opportunities for our system. Our development team was able to release a lot of new functionalities and improvements to our system in a short period of time. Just before the summer, we were on 8 new versions of our system and it had already become a much more extensive system in possibilities. And we were only halfway through the year! 

But also during this period, we noticed that there was also a demand from other sectors for a solution for booking services and products. Together with ‘WakkerOndernemen‘, we have taken the step to approach equestrian sports, among other things. By looking closely at the wishes of this specific market, we have developed some new sector-specific modules. In this way, we could shape our system to the customer. The modular system that Nostium has now become could really grow with companies. In the second half of the year, we actively continued with new developments and the connection of various POS systems. We saw that customers are really looking for a total solution from start to finish. The first POS suppliers are signing up for interest in such a link. For example, we have started to develop a direct link with the dealers Janssens Kassasystemen and UPTA of the unTill POS system. This has resulted in a nice functionality to transfer total reservations to a table in the POS system. Not much later, the link was also realized with the Vectron POS system. Together with dealer KassaNet Pieterse, this link was established to provide companies with this type of POS system with a total solution. In addition to external links, we have also worked a lot on optimizing and expanding bookings. Let’s list all these changes in numbers for a moment;

 2020 – Nostium in numbers:
– Number of new versions: 30
– Number of new features: 121
– Number of new (external) modules: 6
– Number of improvements: 105

And we are far from stopping developing! For example, with Nostium you can now process any type of reservation from a single activity, complex arrangement to a multi-day activity such as a hotel booking from an environment. And we are proud of what we have achieved in the past year. From an idea with a unique algorithm to a complex and diverse reservation system for various industries.

On to 2021!
For the coming year, we naturally hope that everyone will be able to book healthy and safe activities and packages again. Also, we naturally hope to welcome new entrepreneurs and to support them daily with our software. For us, the red folder for the coming year can of course be further developed.

We will do this in the field of optimizing the system in several areas. This is how we want – and we are secretly already working on it – to make the back office even more user-friendly for our customers and its employees. Think of expanding rights and roles for various users. To further expand the management of various locations via a back-office environment. There are also new links with new partners to expand each other’s software and to get a complete technical work situation for new and existing customers. Also, last year we made it possible to request new wishes for all customers. This has resulted in various requests about the planning board, reservations, guest information, reports and new modules. Of course, we will discuss and assess these with our team! We look at the demand, technical possibilities and the added value of the product. The great thing is that together we make a better and faster product. Therefore, always keep requesting your wishes in the coming year! This makes it a great and challenging year together. 

Thank you!
Finally, I would like to thank all existing customers, potential customers and partners for the challenging past year. We have been able to make good growth possible through this and look hopefully towards 2021. Let’s also make it a sporty, beautiful and above all healthy year together, so that everyone can create beautiful moments again. On behalf of the entire Nostium team, thanks again and in 2021 we will hopefully all go full blast again in the upcoming year!

22 December 2020 by Nostium Nostium

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