You already know that with the Nostium reservation system you can manage multiple activities from one system! In the coming period we will regularly post a blog to show how specific activities can easily be organized with Nostium.

Start designing your jobs

When you start with the basic design of Nostium, you create an accommodation that matches the layout of your bowling alley. Here you specify the number of separate bowling lanes and the minimum and maximum number of guests that can participate on a lane. Nostium will use this information to be able to make the correct distribution based on the reservation.

A nice feature is that you can also take into account the wear and maintenance of the separate bowling lanes. The system will try to distribute the jobs as evenly as possible based on the number of reservations. And is a job not available for a while? Then you can simply put it on non-active. You are free to know the number of jobs that you naturally create.

Tip! In this corona period you can therefore easily create enough space by eliminating intermediate runways. The reservation system will then automatically reserve the courses with sufficient distance.

Creating the bowling activities

In order to fill the lanes later, activities need to be created such as Bowling, Disco Bowling or perhaps 3D Bowling. You do this by setting up an activity entirely to your liking.


A handy functionality is that you can let guests determine the duration of the activity themselves. You do this by making the time adjustable and indicating in steps what the duration options are. For instance; the default time is 1 hour but the guest can decide between 1 hour – 3 hours in steps of 30 minutes how long the activity may last. For example, your guest can easily select 1.5 hours during the reservation process.

With this option you do not have to create a separate activity for each duration. This is useful because all sales and calculations are all registered on one and the same activity.

Distribution of jobs

Then you can indicate how this activity can be divided over the bowling alleys. For example, you can indicate that reservations with multiple jobs are always next to each other (which is nice) and who can determine the number of jobs. For example, let it be calculated by our reservation system or do you give the guest the choice.

For an activity such as 3D bowling, there is of course a certain technique available that provides these effects. Now it may be that this technique is only available on, for example, runway 1 and runway 2. That is no problem for the system, then you indicate in the activity that these are exclusively linked to certain runways.

Price calculation

Depending on the day and / or the time, the price of the courts can of course differ. You can easily set all this within Nostium. You indicate how the price should be calculated based on the number of jobs per hour, for example. The system will then calculate the correct price based on the reservation and the duration of the activity. We even take into account the reservations that are between both time settings in order to calculate a correct price.

In addition, you can also indicate on the date and time that there is an alternative price than the normal weekly price. For example, you can combine a public holiday with a special price.

Here come the reservations!
Now the activity is fully available and your guests can enjoy activity at your bowling alley. They can reserve the activity completely online and the system will always show the current options including prices to your guest during this process.

So you see that Nostium can offer various activities in bowling lanes in a clear way. In addition, you can easily bundle these activities into a unique arrangement or promote a little extra sale per activity.

So do you have activities with bowling or a combination thereof? Feel free to contact us for a demonstration of our product. This can easily be done online or even on location! We are happy to show you all the options and ease of use of booking with Nostium.

6 August 2020 by Nostium Nostium

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