Last period we were interviewed by the magazine ‘Recreatief Totaal’. They asked us some nice questions about our reservation system and what our vision is on the market. Are you curious about the article? You can read it below. Prefer to read the entire article in the magazine of ‘Recreatief Totaal’ itself? Click here.

Manage influx of reservations with a flexible and smart system

Offer multiple activities and packages and also use a good reservation system for this. Offer multiple activities and packages and also use a good reservation system for this. You can prepare your company for this by using a smart and flexible online reservation system.

Current reservation systems are usually statically set up and do not work together with valuable, available data from a reservation. Within Nostium, on the other hand, you can easily manage reservations through flexible and smart software and everything can be managed from the Cloud. We talked to Sebas Wijnen, Project and Account Manager at Nostium, and asked him about the added value of such a ‘smart’ system within the recreation industry.

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“We are a team of specialists in developing and designing web applications for the leisure industry. We saw within this market that there was a need for a reservation system that handles data smartly and is aimed at user-friendliness. With Nostium we have created a system that manages these points. Because our software uses a unique algorithm, the system checks in real time in every phase of the reservation, among other things, availability, possibilities and composition of the group. Optional is also the distribution within the accommodation in connection with wear and tear of used parts such as a bowling alley, laser tag suit or even an e-chopper”, says Sebas.

With an eventful year behind us, in which most companies have added new and additional activities, the demand has also arisen to link this diverse range in the right way within one reservation system. In this way, the guest could book a day out with multiple activities, using only one environment.

At Leisure centre, restaurant & bar De Hoge Heide in Vlijmen they are all too familiar with the range of different activities on offer. For example, they provide outings such as bowling and pool football, parties and company outings, and you can also enjoy a nice meal and drink. An all-inclusive outing where the guest must be able to pre-book the activities, in an order that he or she likes, is a must for them.

“We first used a different reservation system, but we still ran into the ambition level of that party. On the other hand, Nostium is extremely active with further development and they have a perfect support department. Within this support environment you can prioritize your wishes and see them actually fulfilled. We like to keep up with the times, we even prefer to walk a step ahead and that is why we really think the smart system is an added value. Take for example the wear management of the bowling lanes, the occupation is now automatically classified so that all lanes wear proportionally. On the other hand, we notice that up-sell items are now sold much more, because they are offered at the right time in the reservation process,” says Peter de Ruijter, Owner De Hoge Heide.

In addition to offering daytime recreational activities or arrangements within the Nostium system, one can also consider offering room hire, overnight stays and even workshops. “The system can offer any activity, whereby we can provide tailor-made solutions for the customer. Adjusting and setting up the activities is also very accessible to the customer. We also get feedback from customers and guests that they like the fact that no software is needed for our system and that everything works via the Cloud, so you can make adjustments and make reservations anytime and anywhere,” says Sebas. By making connections with, for example, a cash register system, the convenience of the entrepreneur is expanded. “For many customers, this is even a condition. The fact that the reservations, such as the individual activities and packages, can be transferred to the checkout as soon as the guest has arrived and that payment can be made at the end of the visit, including the extra costs they have incurred on location, is experienced as very welcome.” says Sebas on behalf of customer experiences.

Making these systems smarter is done with the help of data, preferably so richly filled. Recreational companies often already have a large amount of information about their guests, so at Nostium they hope to handle this data even smarter in the near future. “We want to make more use of the available technology so that the system can act even smarter. Think of outings that are easier to put together by the guest, based on all wishes and possibilities. For the company, it is the intention that the system becomes self-learning, whereby an optimization has to be made with regard to the classification of reservations and the availability of facilities. We also want to focus on collaborations with other software systems. Our goal is to unburden companies in the daily business processes from the start of the reservation up to and including after sales. In this way we ensure that you as an entrepreneur can really do business and thus work on an optimal guest experience”, concludes Sebas.

About Nostium

Nostium’s reservation system is smart and flexible and works via the Cloud without installation. A basic environment is started in a few hours and with available data you can immediately start approaching the guest correctly. More information or request a live demo?

3 August 2021 by Sebas Sebas

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