In our continued efforts to improve the ease of use and functionality of the Nostium platform, we are pleased to announce an important update regarding guest accounts. We expect to realize this update in September 2024 and it is aimed at offering more control and flexibility to our users. This functionality will greatly simplify the management of reservations and the modification of personal data.

The new features within the guest accounts allow users to actively manage their own reservations. This means that guests can not only easily make reservations, but also have the freedom to adjust these reservations as needed. Whether it’s changing the date or time of an activity, adjusting the number of participants, or even canceling a booking, users can now do this all independently through their account.

In addition to managing reservations, the update also allows guests to change their personal information. This includes updating contact information, preferences and other relevant details. This improvement in self-service capabilities contributes to a more personalized and convenient experience for every user.

The expansion of guest accounts is a reflection of our commitment to customer focus and a user-friendly experience. We recognize the importance of flexibility and control for our users and strive to continuously improve the Nostium platform to meet these needs. With this update, guests can more than ever personalize and manage their experiences on our platform, leading to higher satisfaction and a better overall user experience.

16 February 2024 by Nostium Nostium

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