In June 2024, Nostium is ready to take a significant step forward in the world of customer interaction and sales. We are pleased to announce that there will be an expansion in our check-in column ‘Upselling’ and in the upselling options via the Nostium platform. This development marks a new phase in our collaboration with the cash register supplier ‘Scanfie’, aimed at optimizing the ordering kiosks for a better customer experience.

This expansion will not only strengthen the functionality of our check-in kiosks, but also offer new possibilities within the Nostium platform for offering additional activities and options. The idea is to offer customers more choices at check-in or during their interaction with Nostium, such as adding additional activities or upgrading their current choices. This upselling feature will not only improve customer satisfaction, but also provide our partners with more opportunities to increase their sales.

With the integration in combination with Scanfie, our ordering kiosks become more intelligent and user-friendly. This means a faster and more efficient check-in experience, while at the same time tempting customers with attractive additional options. Whether it’s booking an extra round of play, choosing special equipment, or adding a meal to their experience, customers will be able to easily and seamlessly add extra value to their visit.

The expansion of upselling options through Nostium is proof of our commitment to continuously innovate and improve. We believe these new features will not only enrich the customer experience, but also play an important role in driving the growth and success of our partners.

16 February 2024 by Nostium Nostium

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