In this period where the front door is still closed for your guests, you can still start 2021 with a positive and smooth start. That is why we start the year at Nostium that we ended last year with; develop!

In these first few weeks of the new year, we all got the news that the lockdown is continuing even further. A downer! But hopefully we can reopen soon afterwards without any measures. We at Nostium therefore want to develop and release as much as possible to give you a smooth start. For example, at this time of writing we have already released two releases with a few main features.

Communication with your guest
We have focused on further expanding communication to the guest. This gives a guest even more insight into the reservation and the associated costs when booking an activity or package. This will create clear communication with your guest when offering the options.

More insight
In addition, we have now made it possible to extract even more data from your reports. An important report “Financial overview” has been completely renewed with even more depth in payment methods, daily sales and which reservations are covered. In the excel report you get this data inspection divided into various tabs. Handy for someone who wants to unleash new calculations on this.

You can see this reflected in the planning board by directly seeing the current payment status of a reservation in the overview. Is everything already satisfied? Or is there still an amount outstanding? And what amount? You will now see this immediately in the overview when booking.

Issue vouchers
This was of course already possible, but you will notice at this point that this is of course the means to bind guests and to get guarantees on a reservation in the future. That is why we have updated this module! In addition, you can do even more with the validity of a vouchers and use them for specific activities & packages or just for everything!

Even more price calculation options
The price calculations module was already expanded and now even more! With, among other things, the addition that you can now calculate a graduated scale by also adding digits after the decimal point.

In addition to two successful links with POS systems, we also have unTill & Vectron. We also had discussions with new partners for new links and modules in the future. And even with a partner we have already started to develop this. That means that we want to connect even more to all systems within your company in order to completely relieve you from start to finish.

So for us a smooth start for this year! Now let’s make it all strong so that we can go full throttle again!

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22 January 2021 by Nostium Nostium

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