In December 2024, Nostium will take an exciting step forward with the introduction of a new integration option: Nostium as a module that can be seamlessly integrated into your personal website environment. This innovation allows users to implement Nostium as an external plugin or widget, making our powerful booking and management features directly accessible on their own websites.

This development is a game changer for companies and organizations that want to streamline their booking process without losing the unique look and feel of their own brand. By integrating Nostium as a plugin or widget, our customers can take advantage of all the benefits of our platform, while making the user experience seamlessly match the aesthetics and navigation of their own website.

The ease of use of this integration is an important advantage. Customers can make bookings, request information, and interact with Nostium features, all without leaving the customer’s website. This provides a more integrated, user-friendly experience that can increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

In addition, this integration offers flexibility for companies. They can choose which parts of Nostium they want to integrate and how these elements are displayed on their website. Whether it’s the entire booking system or specific features such as activity schedules or guest accounts, the integration can be fully customized to meet their unique needs.

The implementation of Nostium as a third-party plugin or widget in December 2024 is an important step in our ongoing commitment to making our platform more accessible and versatile. We look forward to offering our customers this new capability, allowing them to further optimize their business processes while maintaining their own brand identity.

16 February 2024 by Nostium Nostium

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