Every market is in full swing because everything has to be fast, easier and more user-friendly. A guest now knows well what he wants and when he wants it. As an entrepreneur in the leisure industry you want to be able to respond to this but not detract from the guest experience. In our previous article we already talked about “getting control over your reservations” so that you as an entrepreneur have more time to spend on the guest, for example. In this article, we will zoom in on the possibilities that you can offer.

Leisure industry is developing rapidly

In recent years, the leisure industry has become an important source of income. You now see escape rooms popping up everywhere, paintball arenas are emerging and new activities such as “bubble football” are growing in popularity.

Your guest also wants to combine these various activities (!) Because your guest does not only come to be present for a while but wants a filled afternoon full of fun! Is something not possible or available? Then your guest will check with someone else who can offer it. As a result, the supply and demand is both growing and it is therefore a challenge for you as an entrepreneur to manage everything properly.


Your guest comes to your company for a total experience. Whether this is for a bachelor party or family day or just a nice afternoon out, the guest must be entertained. Of course, you want to inform the guest in advance in order to meet the expectations. This starts from the moment your guest wants to approach you. Most of your guests will most likely reach you through an online channel and usually through your website. It must then be clear on your website where and how the guest can place a reservation. This must therefore be directly visible to the guest. If this is not clear or if it becomes complex, the guest will drop out. The single guest who still wants to make an attempt to call your company but then doesn’t get anyone on the line will not come back quickly and this is of course not an advertisement for your company.

With a reservation system such as Nostium you are always available and you can easily and quickly have your guests book online. The system can be completely tailored to the corporate identity of your company and that is how the anticipation starts immediately. Nostium will only show a guest what is actually available, completely tailored to the wishes of your guest. This way, the guest does not get a “no-sale” and is disappointed because a reservation is immediately final and confirmation. You can even set up the confirmation of the activity or arrangement in an appropriate style so that it matches the experience. Now the anticipation can begin!

Entertain guests during the activity

At the start of your guest on location one of your employees will have to welcome the guest. The advantage is that your employees are fully informed of the reservation through the reservation system and the guest can also taste the atmosphere and hospitality of your company.

It may be the case that during the activity the wishes of the guest must change. Your employee knows immediately about the possibilities and sees them at a glance in the system and can thus further inform the guest. If necessary, the reservation can easily be adjusted or expanded. Does this have consequences for a follow-up activity that is planned? Then you will have no problem with Nostium. The system will support your staff in making appropriate changes without your guest noticing.


Unfortunately, a pleasant day will come to an end for the guest. Nothing is more fun than to thank your guest for the visit. It is still nice to receive an email with a thank you and perhaps nice photos that were taken during the activity. The guest can therefore enjoy this for a while. And in the future, the guest will certainly come back for another great day!

So you want to take your guest along in a total experience with a reservation system that responds intelligently to this. Nostium offers you all these options (and more) in a simple and user-friendly way. As a result, the digitization of the leisure sector is not an obstacle, but an addition as intensive contact with your guest.

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12 September 2019 by Nostium Nostium

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