As an entrepreneur, you do everything you can to ensure that the reservations flow in and that your guests enjoy your range of activities. To support you with this, we have drawn up a “cheat sheet” with 10 useful tips & facts;

  1. Clearly place a button on the first page of your website that your guests can book online.
  2. Also put the reservation link in your profile in your Social Media accounts.
    1. Tip! Do you use Facebook? Then add it as a button “To book with you”. This will then be placed under your cover image.
  3. Do you (suddenly) have a place available for an activity? Then share the unique link via your Social Media. The first best loyal follower can quickly take this place.
  4. Promote that guests talk about your location or activity via Social Media! And respond to photos or comments that are posted there.
  5. Reward loyal guests who have subscribed to the newsletter, for example.
    1. You can easily do this by sharing unique arrangements alone or early via your newsletter.
  6. Set up your general reservation page in a fun way.
    1. For example, use the photo section for the best photo of last month! You can even turn it into a fun win promotion.
  7. Do you have an Escape Room? Then hide the first hint in the reservation confirmation that you send to your guests.
  8. Respond to the weather or a special event!
    1. When it rains, for example, it is much more likely that your guests will want to do an indoor activity. Or is it carnival, for example? Then create a special arrangement with, for example; [activity name] 1 hour for only € 11, -.
  9. Regularly take a look at the Dashboard or look in the reports. From this you get information that is essential for all your reservations
  10. And number 10 actually speaks for itself; make sure that the guest can enjoy the atmosphere and hospitality that are central to your company from the moment of booking until after the reservation!
17 October 2019 by Nostium Nostium

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