Now that the government’s vaccination plan is under pressure to vaccinate as many people as possible, there will of course be a point that we can go out again. We do not yet know exactly when that will be. But are you and your company ready for this influx of reservations? You may have come up with new activities during this period that can also be offered after corona. And how are the “normal” activities going? All this of course presents nice challenges to optimize the range of activities.

In any case, your guests are ready for it again. They want to make up for the postponed parties, family outings or special occasions from last year. This will allow for an influx of reservations within your company. As an entrepreneur you naturally want to welcome this with an open mind and give your guests a real experience again.

By using an online reservation system, such as Nostium, you can prepare yourself and the company for all these changes and reservations. You can already start setting up new activities and putting together new combinations in arrangements.

You can also easily arrange this in Nostium. We can store any type of activity in our reservation software. Do you offer an activity such as; bowling, laser tag, escape room, outdoor activities, food & drink or even overnight stays? Then you can easily organize and combine them. By making use of the free choice of activity sequence, your guest will have the option to reserve the desired sequence.

In any case, our team is ready to work with you to ensure that the offering of activities and the reservation go smoothly! Work that you no longer want and need to think about. Then you can be busy giving an experience.

No online reservation system yet? Or is your current reservation system not able to offer all activities? Then feel free to contact us. We like to give you a free online demonstration of all the various possibilities of our system. And show you how nice it is when your reservation system is automated!

Please give us a call at 040 – 8200194or send us a Whatsapp message 06 – 51273137.

22 March 2021 by Nostium Nostium

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