We don’t have to explain to you that our reservation system is flexible on various fronts. In addition to offering all your various activities and packages in our reservation portal, you can implement your corporate identity within this environment. In this article we will discuss this further and give you an example of customizing your unique portal.

Managing images

Large screen portal display

The portal automatically scales to the resolution and device on which the user or guest is accessing the page. Depending on this scaling, you can set a banner image for large or mobile screen. You can use the banner to make a connection with your company or activities by providing a visual representation. This can be managed completely from the back office under the location settings.


Add category in the portal

Adding images for the categories can also be done by the user himself. By simply adding a new category. After adding all the requested information and in the last step adding an image from the device, you simply added a category with image.

Icons are ideal because they immediately give a clear picture of the content of activities, packages and/or vouchers within this category.
You can also make the connection between icons that you use within your company for the part.

Activities / Arrangements or Vouchers

Activities within the portal

Finally, you can of course also set the management of an icon or image for an activity, arrangement or voucher. Ideal to really show the part to its best advantage.

Managing Colors

The next step is to manage various colors in the portal. By managing colors you make the connection between your house style and the portal even more. This gives your guests an even more familiar feeling and you really make the portal your own.

Format menu from the back office

From the back office of Nostium you manage various color parts of the reservation page on the portal. Web colors, in the form of HTML color codes, make it easy to indicate per part which color the part should adopt. So you can use the exact colors of your logo or other parts of your corporate identity.

‘Dark’ variant of Mega Fun Factory

This allows you to create a beautiful black theme, for example, where the colors go completely together with the corporate identity of the company. You can apply this to the following parts;

– Background
– Text
– Progress bar
– Categories
– Buttons
– Navigation components.

Managing communication

Finally, you can also manage the communication towards your guest. This way you can manage all texts in the reservation portal and that even specifically per activity, arrangement or option. By working with language templates you can easily adjust the standard texts.

Language template management in the back office

Finally, you can also personalize the entire e-mail traffic and link it to specific activities, packages or vouchers.

Email management in the back office

You can fully manage an email in terms of;

– Pictures
– Price specifications
– Color
– Tags
– Email subject
– Email texts
– Fonts

With Nostium you therefore have a reservation system that connects to multiple facets of your company; processes, corporate identity and communication to the guest. With such a flexible reservation system, you have software that allows your business to grow and be easily adapted as your business and activities expand. Want to know what else we can do to further support your company? Please contact us.


4 March 2022 by Nostium Nostium

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