As an entrepreneur, you have had to switch between what is possible, what can we still come up with and how to deal with all the rules and legislation regarding Covid-19. But it would also be good for you as an entrepreneur to take a close look at your business operations and offerings.

1. Customer group changed from international to local.
Due to the restrictions in international travel, fewer foreign tourists will come to your offer. As a result, you have started to focus more on local target groups. Because consumers need to support local businesses and activities close to home. As a result, you had to reposition your business operations in the market, looked at competitors and put together new activities or arrangements especially for this local target group.

More outdoors, more nature!
In mainly local areas where there is a lot of city and little nature, people go out for a day to enjoy the outdoors. But also because the offer outside could be easier and safer than inside. As a result, various activities such as cycling, canoeing ore-bikes rental sky high. At an organizational level, this requires a seamless connection with availability, supply, demand and management. New outdoor activities have been developed and will continue to do so. So look at what you can offer “outside” with your company.

Book online in advance and immediately see all the offers.
Not only because of the rules there was a huge demand in the field of online reservations, but guests also want to be able to immediately see what is still ‘possible’. This means that you can no longer avoid using an online reservation system and paying directly. There are fewer contact moments, a faster turnaround and a safe way of worshiping activities. And most importantly, being able to easily adjust the offer at any time where necessary when regulations, weather and possibilities change.

Experience, experience, experience!
People like to go out and the search behavior for special activities has increasedenormously. We are now familiar with the “standard” and now your guest is really going for a (day) experience. So take a good look at your activities and arrangements and make it something special For example, you can see which collaborations you can enter into locally with other entrepreneurs, approach the activity differently and seamlessly connect the communication with the guest. Because from the moment of booking to even after the activity, the guest wants to experience ‘the experience‘. Because even afterwards your guest can praise the experience and recommend it to acquaintances and friends.

Online or on location
In addition, a completely new form of offering activities is the online offering of an activity. In 2021 there has been a huge growth in the provision of online escape rooms, quizzes or mini-games. This way we could all safely do something together and experience an experience. Even if we were allowed “nothing” at all. We have become accustomed to remote conversations, so why not also remote experiences. Take a look at how you can use the technology when offering your activities online. Activities or the rental of equipment on location have also increased. This way the guests no longer come to you, but you at the guest’s location. Safe in their own environment, guests can, for example, do bubble football, scavenger hunts or any other activity. You provide the necessary equipment and the guests create their own experience.

With our reservation system Nostium we have made many adjustments in this past period with regard to the changing regulations, offering new possibilities for activities and demand from our customers. This makes us extremely flexible in offering the most diverse activities. Curious about what we can do for your organization? We are happy to tell you a demonstration without obligation or give us a call for more information.

3 August 2021 by Nostium Nostium

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